ThisIsWin11 v0.90.10 Free Download

ThisIsWin11 Free Download

ThisIsWin11 guides you step by step in getting to know and setting up Windows 11. This is a practical all-rounder for Windows 11, similar to Microsoft PowerToys.

ThisIsWin11 Free Download

The application currently offers five modules:

  • Presenter: The start screen guides you through a pictured introduction to the new operating system Windows 11 and allows you quickly to configure it.
  • PumpedApp integrates an important part of the Windows 11 settings app and allows you to check and enable/disable settings in a bulk and with just a click.
  • Kickassbloat will help you remove pre-installed Windows 11 apps.
  • Packages is there for you to quickly install one or the other app.
  • TeamTweak allows you to automate several Windows 11 tasks based on PowerShell and community scripts.

ThisIsWin11 gives you a way to familiarize yourself with the many features and changes available with Windows 11 release.

A software utility meant to help you get a quick overview of the latest Windows 11 and its features with a feature demonstration.

Guides you step by step in getting to know and setting up Windows 11. Customize Windows 11 to your needs.

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