Abelssoft Recordify 2022 v7.05 Portable

No matter if it’s a single song or an entire Spotify playlist – Abelssoft Recordify 2022 Portable can convert all songs to audio files. Recognition – Just let your playlist play, while Recordify recognizes every single song and saves it in a correctly named file.

Abelssoft Recordify 2022 Portable


Download music
Whether it’s a single song or an entire playlist, Recordify can permanently record and download all songs.

RECognition© technique
Simply run through a playlist while Recordify recognizes each song, names the ID3 tags, and saves them individually.

Save songs to hard disk
Download your favorite songs directly to your hard drive and conveniently copy them back and forth.

Many file formats
The recorded music can be saved as MP3, WAV, or high-quality FLAC files.

Integrated music player
With the built-in music player, you can play your music directly in Recordify without being connected to the Internet.

Usable with many providers
With Recordify you can easily record and store music from Spotify, Apple Music, or even Amazon.

The music quality depends on the source. Recordify supports high-quality audio up to 320 kbps.


  • Download music for free
  • Supports almost all streaming services
  • Record music in high quality
  • Save songs in many formats

Abelssoft Recordify Portable Free Download

Record music from different sources

The Windows program Recordify is able to record everything that comes out of the PC speakers. Thus, it is no problem to record music tracks from streaming services such as Spotify or Amazon Music in order to save them permanently as MP3 files. Audio plays from online media libraries or sound files from YouTube videos can also be recorded.

Cassette recorder for the PC

Recordify is a cassette recorder for the Windows PC. Everything that is played on the computer can also be recorded. With a mouse click, the user starts the recording function – and also cancels it again. This stereo mix recording function can be used to record and save the music track of YouTube videos. However, audio plays from an online media library can also be recorded.

Music library with ID3 tags

Recordify cuts the individual songs from the stream and tries to collect the ID3 tags to match. In the end, you get perfect music files that can be transferred to your own collection as MP3. As with the owner of a cassette recorder, the PC user automatically pays a flat copyright fee, which is already added to the hardware costs, to legalize this type of recording and make it financially viable for musicians. The music tracks are saved to the hard disk by Recordify in MP3, WAV, or FLAC formats.

Record music from streaming services

Recordify is particularly well prepared for recording streaming services. Like a radio, they play one music track after another. With the difference that the user can determine his own program. The problem with this is that an Internet connection is always required because the music tracks are not stored on the hard drive in the streaming process. Many users, therefore, ask themselves: How can the music be downloaded and permanently stored? Recordify was developed precisely for this purpose. It works like a cassette recorder – only much more modern.

Endless audiobooks for your Toniebox

Tonieboxes are small music players that are specially designed for the needs of children. When a Tonifigure is placed on the Toniebox, the box plays a radio play or music from that figure. Should you be in possession of a creative tonie that can be played on yourself, Recordify is an unimaginable help. Because the tool lets you record audiobooks, music, and more with Recordify. Afterward, your creative toonie can easily be recorded with it. This way, you can also listen to audio plays and music with the Toniebox, for which there are no purchasable figures yet. And it’s also free of charge.

Recordify Portable

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